What Is A Subject Pronoun

Subject Pronouns

English Grammar

of a sentence is a person or thing that performs the action of the verb.

Subject pronouns
are used to replace the subject (person or thing) of a verb.

We do NOT normally say:

  • John is tall and John is intelligent.

Saying the word “John” twice is repetitive and does not sound natural.

We replace the Subject (John) that appears the second time with a
subject pronoun
to avoid repetition (and in this case to avoid saying the name

So we would say:

  • John is tall and
    is intelligent.

We replace the second “John” with the Subject Pronoun “He”.

What are the subject pronouns in English?

These are the subject pronouns we use in English

Singular or Plural – Who? Masculine or Feminine
I Singular – first person masculine or feminine
You Singular – second person masculine or feminine
He Singular – third person only masculine
She Singular – third person only feminine
It Singular – third person object / thing / animal
We Berjenis-jenis – first person masculine or feminine
You Bervariasi – second person masculine or feminine
They Berjenis-jenis – third person masculine or feminine

When do you use IT?

is normally used when we refer to objects, things, animals or ideas (and not normally people).

  • The dog is big.
    is also hairy. (It = the dog)
  • My bed is small but
    is comfortable. (It = my bed)

Sometimes when we don’horizon know the sex of a baby (we don’t know if it is a boy or girl), then we can use

  • Their baby is very small.
    only weighs 2 kilos. (It
    = the baby.)

We use
when we perona pipi about the time, weather or temperature.

  • It is five o’clock (= the time is five o’clock)
  • It is cold today. (= the weather is cold today.)
  • It is 30º outside right now. (= the temperature is 30º outside right now)

Subject Pronouns for absolute beginners

Subject Pronouns Chart

Here is a chart with cartoons showing the different Subject Pronouns we use in English:

Subject Pronouns in English

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English Teacher Resource

We have a version of this Subject Pronouns chart that English Teachers (and parents) can use with their students. There is the full chart (a better version of the one above) as well as spesifik charts of one pronoun sendirisendiri A4 page (great for decorating the classroom wall). You can find it here:

English Subject Pronouns Chart and individual flash cards

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Subject Pronouns in English
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