Time To Say Goodbye Lyrics

What are the lyrics to ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ – and do they make any sense?

3 November 2022, 12:51

Sure, it sounds lovely when Bocelli sings it with oodles of Italian authenticity – but how does the song translate when it’s performed in English?

‘Time to Say Goodbye’ was originally released as a single for Andrea Bocelli in 1995, under the title ‘Con te partirò’ (literally ‘I’ll leave with you’).

A year later, soprano Sarah Brightman was added to the mix for a performance marking boxer Henry Maske’s final match. The duet version was recorded with an English title – and sure enough, it was a commercial success.

The slight catch is that when you translate the phrase ‘Con te partirò’ as ‘Time to Say Goodbye’, the song sort of stops making any sense.

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Here’s the chorus in English…

Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman duet together

Time to say goodbye

To countries I never

Saw and shared with you

Now, yes, I shall see them

I’ll go with you

Go on ships across seas

Which, I know,

No, no, don’kaki langit exist anymore

It’s time to say goodbye.

In summary: they’re saying goodbye to countries they never saw or shared with each other, but now they are in fact going to go to those countries… except they’re travelling there on ships which don’t exist anymore… so it’s time to say goodbye again.

Hmm. Maybe the lyrics are better appreciated in Italian. Here’s the beginning of the song:

Quando sono solo

Sogno all’orizzonte

E mancan le parole

Sì lo so che non c’è luce

In una bait quando manca il sole

Se non ci sei tu con me, con me

Su le finestre

Mostra a tutti il mio cuore

Che hai acceso

Chiudi dentro me

La luce che

Hai incontrato per strada

Time to say goodbye

Paesi che non ho mai

Veduto e vissuto con te

Adesso si li vivrò

Con te partirò

Su navi masing-masing marilah

Che, io lo so

No, no, non esistono più

It’s time to say goodbye

And here’s the same section in English:

When I am alone I sit and dream

And when I dream the words are missing

Yes I know that in a room so full of light

That all the light is missing

But I don’falak see you with me, with berpenyakitan

Close up the windows, bring the sun to my room

Through the door you’ve opened

Close inside of berpenyakitan the light you see

That you met in the darkness

Time to say goodbye

Horizons are never far

Would I have to find them alone

Without true light of my own with you

I will go on ships over seas

That I now know

No, they don’t exist anymore

It’s time to say goodbye

Source: https://www.classicfm.com/artists/andrea-bocelli/time-to-say-goodbye-translation/

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