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LSRW way of Learning: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

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  • December 6, 2022

LSRW way of Learning: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

The four abilities of Learning are a group of four capabilities that enable a person to grasp, follow, know and understand the expected subject or topic.

LSRW way of Learning abilities are Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. With regards to acquiring the Learning abilities, LSRW way of Learning skills are regularly gained by listening first followed by speaking, reading and writing. Hence, these abilities are frequently called LSRW way of Learning.

Teaching in this manner, will guarantee focus around all these four abilities and provides a stage to the students to sharpen their capability to Learn more effectively.

A perfect curriculum for learning would include content for all the previously mentioned four abilities. However, it is seen that most of the times the reading and writing skills are given more significance adv lewat the previous two abilities.

In reality, in the process of learning, listening and speaking should take precedence adv lewat reading and writing. The advantages of normally learning any subject / topic can be upgraded incredibly when the LSRW method is practiced in the same sequence as listed.


Listening is the primary learning skill. It is what is known as a responsive ability, or a latent skill, as it expects us to utilize our ears and our minds to understand; as it is being told or addressed to us. It is the first of two sah learning skills.

Listening is the capacity to precisely acquire and translate the significance in the communication process.

Listening is critical to very essential and the most useful and powerful skill needed for effectively understanding and correlating the essentials and fundamentals. Without the ability to listen adequately, the understanding is essentially mistaken. Subsequently, correlation separates out and the understanding wades out without much of a stretch and the learner gets baffled.


Speaking is the communication medium of learning orally. To talk, we make sounds utilizing numerous pieces of our body, including the lungs, vocal tract, vocal lines, tongue, teeth and lips.

Speaking is the second of the four learning skills. Speaking is normally the second expertise that we learn. Speaking or talking means to communicate, or expressing one’s thoughts and feelings in a spoken language.

In primary schools elocution and recitation are main sources to master the phonetics, the sounds, the rhythm, and to an extent the intonation, modulation and variation in the way to be effective in conveying ideas and information.


One of the primary things you find out about reading is that there are diverse reading strategies and the students ought to know about which procedure is most fit, as required for the reading effort required by the content or by their educator / teacher.

Preparing the students to know their reading methods and derive when best to apply them is in reality significant, particularly under test conditions when opportunity limitations become possibly the most important factor and choices should be made relying upon time accessibility and the significance of the outcome that needs to be achieved.

The four fundamental kinds of reading practices are the as under:

  • Skimming
  • Scanning
  • Intensive
  • Extensive

We will cover these individually in subsequent articles.

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Writing is the fourth language expertise we may gain in our learning. Similarly as with speaking, it is a gainful, or dynamic expertise, as it expects us to utilize our hands and our minds to deliver the composed message, idea, thought or information that we would have spoken otherwise.

Writing abilities might be improved by giving activities on piece and exploratory writing. Students ought to be taught and urged to compose, arrange and organize their thoughts on a giving subject or topic. The significance of sequencing their idea thought process ought to be appeared so as to acquire cohesiveness, completeness and accurateness in their writing.


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