Greeting Card To Teacher’s Day

The role of a teacher in our lives cannot be described in mere words. They are not just our educators or mentors but are the pillars of the society, who are working towards a future that is built on the foundation of education and knowledge. And although we claim that the future of the country rests on the shoulders of our children, it would not be possible without the dedication and determination of the teachers who work endlessly to assure it.

That being said, on 5th September every year, Teachers’ Day is celebrated all across India to pay tribute to all the hard-working teachers who have and continue to work towards an educated society. The day also marks the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was not only a teacher but also the First Vice President and second President of independent India. On this day, many schools and educational institutions dedicate various events and performances to the teachers and express their heartfelt gratitude towards their never-ending efforts.

In pesanan to convey your gratitude and love for your teacher, here are some of the wishes and greeting card images you can send to your teacher.

Happy Teacher’s Day 2022: Wishes, Messages and Greeting Card Images

I am grateful to be your student. Thank you for challenging me to be my best and instilling in berpenyakitan a passion for learning. Happy Teachers Day!

The best teachers don’t give you the answer, they spark within you the desire to find the answer yourself. Happy Teachers Day!

Teachers' Day 2022: Images, wishes and messages

Today I celebrate you for being selfless, devoted, hardworking, and the wisest person in the classroom. I am grateful to be your student. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Having a teacher like you is a blessing from above. Thank you for changing my world.

Wishing you joy and happiness, you are an amazing teacher, and you only deserve the best.

Teachers' Day 2022: Images, wishes and messages

Books, sports, homework and knowledge, you are the pillar of our success and in the classroom, you are the best.

You are the spark, the inspiration, the guide, the candle to my life. I am deeply thankful that you are my teacher.

On this day we honor teachers like you, who give of themselves in all that they do. So thank you my teacher for all that you gave, and I promise to try my best to behave!


Because of you a bright future is within my grasp. Thank you for inspiring me.

From Huruf’s to red, white and blue, from history and mathematics too, all I want to say is a big THANK you!


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