All Animatronics In Fnaf 3

You probably want to know how each of the Animatronics work, well, here’s a guide which explains how they all work!
Note: Every Phantom Animatronic doesn’ufuk kill you.

Phantom BB– He will randomly appear on one of the cameras, the chance of him appearing increases when you use the Audio Devices. When you see him, you have to quickly switch the view to another camera, or turn the camera off. If you don’kaki langit do it, he will appear in your office and jumpscare you, disabling your ventilation system as well.

Phantom Foxy
– He can appear randomly when you move to the left side of the office. Afterwards he jumpscares you, and glitches the ventilation, forcing you to restart it. In proyek to not get jumpscared by him, always move slowly to the left in the office, if you see him, move to the right, put on the camera, and put it down. It will make him dissapear.

Phantom Freddy
– He randomly appears in the windows in front of you. The best way to avoid getting jumpscared by him, is to bring up the monitor or maintenance panel while he’s moving in front of the window. If you stare at him for about 5 seconds without bringing up a panel, he will jumpscare you.

Phantom Chica

– If you see a white, smiling face on the Arcade on CAM 07, you have to switch the camera IMMEDIATELY! If you won’t, she will be activated, and will jumpscare you as soon as you move to the left side of your office, and disable the ventilation system. The best strategy to not get jumpscared by her, is to not look at CAM 07 at all.

Phantom Mangle
– She will randomly replace Foxy on CAM 04, when you see her on the camera, she will play a loud, glitchy static, and disable the Audio Devices, forcing you to restart it. There’s also a chance she will peek through the window in your office, when you activate her.

Phantom Puppet

– Will randomly appear on CAM 08, if you see him, immediately change the camera you’re looking at, or turn the monitor off! If you don’kaki langit do that, he will lower your monitor, and will stare at you for about 10 seconds, making you unable to check the Maintenance Panel or the Monitor.

– The main animatronic of Fazbear’s Fright. He will start on a random camera each time, slowly moving to the office. When he’s near a vent, there’s a chance he will use it as a shortcut, instead of taking the normal way. To make him not kill you, you have to use the AUDIO SYSTEM on a camera adjacement to the one he’s currently him, he will move to the camera afterwards. If you hear a vent-cranging sound, immediately check every vent camera, and when you see him on one of them, double click the camera button to seal the vent, and make him return to the normal way. He can jumpscare you from either the left side or right side, so take caution!
A good strategy is to seal the vent from CAM 11, and keep on doing the audio on CAM 09. If you can do it correctly, you will be able to beat even Nightmare with this!


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